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These are just some of the deviations in my gallery. To see more artwork, click on the other folders in the sidebar of it! :)

I tolerate all opinions in my gallery, but I do not tolerate inconsideration towards the opinions of others. Anyone acting unfairly towards anyone else within my artwork, journals, or anything I do, will be blocked from further activity on my page. I urge you to note me if you think someone is being unfair in my gallery and let me deal with it.

Please keep debates civil or outside of my gallery. Thank you.

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My favourite art pieces! I hope you enjoy them too! :)


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I dont feel well, draw or show me your fave pics of cute characters in oversized jumpers/sweaters plz :3 

5 deviants said I don't know any pics I'm just clicking to see which ones people post :>
1 deviant said Here's a cute pic I like! (comment with a link)

10 facts about my characters

Sun Dec 14, 2014, 9:24 AM

.: 10 facts about my characters :.

Tagged by :iconimagni: , who did 10 bits and bobs about five of her characters from Engelbaum. So here're mine, they'll be from different things most likely but here we go. Facts are hard to comment on! D:  (You can find out more about some of my characters on my other account ;)) I'm only gonna do 3 for now as I don't have much time, but if you wanna know some facts about some of my characters just comment and I'll add them to this journal :)

Feniiku Lumaris Fallenmist Phoenix Fallenmist Phoenix- Feniiku Lumaris by Feniiku-Lumaris

1: Feniiku was originally an anthro version of an original character that was a Sonic fan character who was originally a Jurassic Park fan character XD; It's a bit odd to think about that! She's been around in some form or another for at least 15 years, but the first time she was drawn in what resembles her look nowadays was in 2000ish? I don't remember :P
2: Her species name, the Pyravia, came from a joke doodle when I was watching Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons. The pseudo-latin names prompted me to do the same thing. Before that she was simply a 'random dragon-lady'.
3: She's left handed. (If I draw her right handed that's when I'm using her representing myself lol)
4: She doesn't actually like Phoenixes. She thinks that something that doesn't stay dead when it dies shouldn't be trusted.
5: She's got a nasty temper. Normally calm and hard to faze, so generally easy to get along with, when she loses her temper it's usually a good idea to keep a distance until she calms down, or risk obtaining a few new scratches.
6: She will sometimes carry things with her tail, such as lanterns, books, maybe a shiny bauble or two... Many Pyravia use their tail as a whip-like weapon or to aid their hunting.
7: She's one of the few bright orange Pyravias. It's not a common colour, but not unheard of either!
8: She has friends from a variety of other races that most Pyravians avoid; as such they all meet in places away from their own cultures.
9: She has incredibly good instincts. If something doesn't feel right to her, she'll say so, but she'll stick around with people even if something feels dangerous, in hopes of getting them away from it.
10: She was originally a dream jumper from a place called the Crosswinds, and physically travelled through different dreams to repair them. The Crosswinds is still around, but is pretty much just the Pyravian name for the world where they dream.

Tammy Mattherton -No Signal- -No Signal- : The Envisioning by Feniiku-Lumaris

1: Tammy's design is pretty much designed to be 'average'. I wanted her to look like the most normal girl ever XD
2: She's very good at logic puzzles, but I'm not, meaning that writing the puzzles in the story was a pain in my butt and I ended up just saying 'this kinda puzzle here'. She'd be very disappointed in me XD
3: She appeared as a character in my head when I was actually thinking of a different character at my old job. The other character hasn't got much of a place any more, but Tammy stuck around to be used in my NaNoWriMo novel last year.
4: -No Signal- was originally designed to be a comic, but alas I could not figure out how to make it work, which is why Tammy (and the other characters in it) are heavily design based.
5: She gets flustered easily, so people poke fun at her a lot with it.
6: Her fave phones are the flippy clamshell ones, as they close with a satisfying click, but she has a smartphone. She always wears them on lanyards.
7: She loves sci-fi stuff, and has a huge collection of sci-fi novels, tapes and dvds. (Babylon 5 is one of her faves)
8: She has a pet cat named Mister Kittiwiskers. He's exceptionally fluffy.
9: She's not very good at planning things out quickly, needing time to work on a plan, so if pressed to think fast she tends to panic.
10: She loves to go shopping with her friend Sylvia whenever they're both free.

Te-Mi-Farinu Fallenmist Phoenix FP ref- Te-Mi-Farinu by Feniiku-Lumaris

1: His name means 'prince of the stars'. He has a less flattering name in 'charcoal lump' but he won't answer to that one.
2: He's based on a secretary bird, as I normally design Phoenixes with a really odd mix between eagles and sparrows, I wanted something a little different for him. There are three other Phoenixes in FP but I haven't shown them yet :P They're not secretary birds XD
3: He's an arrogant, stuck up, pompous brat, and throws tantrums if he doesn't get his way.
4: Him and Feniiku meet in unusual circumstances, which do not help one-another's trust for eachother.
5: Originally he was golden with green hints, but I felt the grey set off his firey colours better, and it stuck after this sketch. The blue bits glow!
6: He's only about 4 foot tall, though he likes to act like he's larger.
7: He's scared of fire. Bit ironic but he has his reasons.
8: Pyravians try catch his feathers when he sheds them to keep as good luck charms.
9: He loves walking, so he's more likely to be found on the floor than in the air, but he's a fantastic flier.
10: His favourite food is fish :D

That'll do for now, if you wanna know some facts about any of my original characters just ask and I'll add them here :)

Tags tags, uhm... I tag...
:iconjxw-spiralofchaos: :iconsketchysounds: :iconideya-freak: and I can't think of other people so whoever wants to do it go ahead XD Obviously you don't have to if you don't want to :)

ps: don't forget you have 1 day to order an Xmas custom if you want it!  [006] Limited Xmas Commissions!
Hey guys! Stuck for a gift idea? Want the chance for some cheap, colourful art from me? Just really want me to draw characters in a box? Well here's a great chance for you to get the above :)
For just £10, you can get one fully digital, coloured chibi of a character in a colourful box, with a choice of accessories! Or, for those of you with a partner or a best friend, you can get two characters in a box for only £12!

Please note:
 You will need Paypal, and I will send you an invoice for payment. Payment will be taken before the commission is begun, but only once I move you to the active list. You will need an image reference of the character you want; no written references will be accepted.
I can take on 3 at a time, so one picture per person at any one time. Further requests will go into a queue and will be completed as I get to them: no payment will be requested until I move you onto the active list :)
I will not draw characte


(all artwork in this journal created by me. Do not use without permission)



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"For every dream there are a hundred nightmares. For every nightmare there are a hundred hopes. For every hope there are a hundred fears, and for every fear there are a hundred dreams" - Feniiku Lumaris - Phoenix Feathers

I'm a friendly person, willing to help new artists progress, all you have to do is ask me.

You can call me Feniiku or Fen, and I use the same ID on most websites I'm on.

Please contact me if you want commission artwork, or if you want to ask any questions regarding the art in my gallery.

Replying and Commenting

:star:Hey guys! I'm a pretty busy person offline but I promise I'll get back to responding to comments eventually! I dont tend to respond to one word comments to save time, but i appreciate them all :):star:

Each time I have a day off, (I work full time) I will go through the pictures in my devwatch and comment on at least one by each artist who submits things between my watches, in order to give people feedback -and- keep my watch down lol ^_^

If you ask me to comment on a specific piece you'd like my feedback on etc, lust lemme know and i'll see what i can do :3

And as always, I'm always taking suggestions for tips I can put together into mini tutorials, all you need to do is ask!

Love you all! See you about :3



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